Facebook Marketing for Beginners

Facebook Marketing Basics

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, it has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. The UK makes up 31 million of those users, with 60% of the population having a Facebook account.

With such a large user base, ignoring Facebook really isn't an option for business owners. You can bet your ideal customers are using Facebook almost every day BUT how do you target all of those users with your marketing?

Facebook Pages

A Facebook page is a great free marketing tool for businesses. By creating a Facebook business page you can give your business an identity - not just through listing services and product offers, but also by sharing posts, links, and images on a customisable page. Creating a Facebook business page is a great way to develop your brand identity and show your businesses personality and character.

Advertising: Facebook Ads

Once you have your business page up and running you can implement Facebook Ads into your marketing strategy for increasing likes and driving customers to your website.

Using Facebook advertising to increase your "Likes" can be very beneficial – once a user likes your page, they essentially become followers of your business page, and your posts will appear on their Facebook news feed. This results in more users interacting with you and your business as well as forming relationships that may end up translating to conversions in the future.

You can create targeted ads focused around Facebook user data such as location, age, interests, education and much more. Track your ad performance with built in measurement tools as well as the ability to set ad budgets.


Facebook groups are similar to discussion forums, they allow members to actively generate group content – ask questions, post about events, follow conversations, share photos, links and much more. A Facebook Group can nicely complement your Facebook Page, however, it will never substitute it. Think of a Facebook Page as presenting your business card to your customers while a Facebook Group is more like having a coffee with them.

You can create groups related to your industry or product offering as a way to nurture potential customers, network, test new content ideas or provide an incredibly responsive customer care service. There are plenty of ways to deliver outstanding customer service to your customers but creating a dedicated Facebook Group for customer enquiries is definitely a one to consider!


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