Free small business marketing ideas.

By Melanie Cant, Elm Marketing Solutions.

When you are a new start-up or a small business you often don't have a huge budget to spend on marketing. So, as a starting point we frequently find other ways to empower prospects and clients by offering our expertise in the form of free marketing ideas without any obligation.

Here are a few of our top marketing ideas that you can do now, and they are free!

1. Promote your business through your email signature.

Your email signature is a great place to have a promotional message. You can use it to share a link to your latest blog or a special offer with a direct link to your website. Put it just below your signature field in a different colour so it stands out.

2. Use your voicemail wisely.

If you are in the business of building followers then why not record a message that asks people to leave a message, and then let them know you have a Twitter feed or Facebook page? It's another way people can contact you.

3. Get listed.

Make sure you are listed on online local business directories like Yell and Scoot. They can really help your website search engine rankings as Bing and Google's search algorithms like them.

4. Use email marketing.

Communicating with your prospects and customers is vital to remind them that you are there. Email is the perfect tool if used sensibly and done professionally.

There are many free email services like Mail Chimp that can help you organise your database and opt-ins (so you comply with the law). You can send monthly newsletters to keep everyone up to date with what you are doing, highlight promotions and promote events.

5. Network.

There are loads of free business networking groups in your local community. Find one with members that fit your customer profile and go network. When you're ready you could sign up to deliver a talk that showcases your work to other members.

6. Social Media

Social Media can be a great way to showcase your business. Decide what platforms work well for you and use them to share interesting stories, blogs, photos and videos to engage with your audience. Your social media platform should be an extension of your website so make sure it represents your brand, has links to your website and your telephone number is displayed so that you are easily contactable.


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