Taking the frustration out of networking.

I often get told by business owners that they feel uncomfortable networking as they don't feel comfortable selling. 

In my experience networking isn't really about selling, it's about getting to know other members in your network, understanding their product or service and building trust so that you can start referring to them. At DoBusinessNetwork (DBN) we are always looking for new ways to build relationships with other members. I love attending the smaller NetWalk meetings or a coffee and catch-up in a local coffee shop.

This week I met 4 other DBN members for a coffee at my office and we played board games! Something so simple was a great way to share stories, talk about work, home and plans for the future. To me this is networking at it's best and the bonus is you make friends for life too.

What's your best networking experience?


PS: If anyone fancies a coffee and a game of Frustration just give me a shout 🤣


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