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Supporting you and your business

As the current global situation with COVID-19 continues to affect our world, I wanted to update you on how I'm supporting my clients, partners and suppliers.  In response to COVID-19, I'mRead more

Uploading Photos to a Rocketspark Website

I've been getting quite a few website enquiries recently and one of the most frequently asked questions I get is, "How easy is it to upload a photo to a Rocketspark website?" Keeping your websiteRead more

Adding an enquiry form to a Rocketspark website

Building online forms shouldn't have to be difficult. Why waste hours waiting for your developer to code a form for you when you can just build it yourself in minutes on Rocketspark?  Adding aRead more

Website Grid Gallery

A powerful multitool that offers a number of simple and effective website solutions. Images communicate to the brain instantly - much quicker than it takes the brain to interpret text. A beautifulRead more

Funding Available for Co Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland Businesses

September was a really busy month for us with 5 successful Rocketspark website launches! This month we've secured two more with approved funding from NBSL! If anyone would like a chat about aRead more

Embrace simplicity when planning your new website

We’ve found that some of the most engaging sites are actually the simplest. While it can be tempting to keep filling the page with images and text, sometimes adding too much does more harm than gooRead more

What is an Authentic Business & Brand?

This has come up in conversation a lot recently and anyone who knows me knows I'm passionate about building an authentic business. So what is authenticity? Simply put, being authentic means staying Read more


We are looking for a Drag Queen to appear in a promotional video for a North East Cosmetic Manufacturer. Please email melanie@elmmarketingsolutions.co.uk for further details Closing Date: 7th JuneRead more

Congratulations Bigger Picture HR!

Congratulations to Bigger Picture HR for launching their new website today! Suzanne Ashurst is the proud owner of this fantastic HR Consultancy based here in the North East. If you're in need of HRRead more

We've Gone Silver!

Designing beautiful websites with Rocketspark is what we love to do - so you can imagine our delight when we were awarded the Rocketspark Silver Design Partner status this month! We couldn't haveRead more

What can you outsource to a Social Media Manager?

Social media is more than just posting a few messages to Twitter and Facebook when you happen to feel like it. Here are a few tasks an external social media manager could take care of above andRead more

5 Useful Tips to Help Small Business Owners Save Time and Increase Productivity.

Small business owners often have no option but to do everything themselves and this means working long hours. Take a look at these five easy ways you can save time, increase productivity and reduceRead more

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